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Based in Southern California, Ocaso (oh-kah-soh) specializes in premium gentleman’s, executive, and every day carry (EDC) pocket knives. Our knives are designed by leading knifemakers, with careful attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and superior function. We strive to make the highest quality production knives using premium materials and a refined, elegant design aesthetic. It’s the purpose behind every knife we make.

The founder of Ocaso, Ric Valdez, is a former executive for a leading knife manufacturer and has been in the knife industry for 20 years. Our goal is to craft sophisticated, versatile, distinctive pocket knives that are a reflection of your personal style. From the office to the outdoors, Ocaso knives are designed to be your companion, for life.
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Gear for the Modern Gentleman

By design, gentleman's and executive style knives are meant to be simple, stylish, and small. A classy, timeless tool for every outfit and occasion. The best executive knives are discreet, lightweight, uncomplicated cutting tools that exude elegance and style.

We believe a well-designed, well-made knife is like a piece of functional art. Our mission is to design and craft knives with a focus on luxury, fit and finish, and the performance to match their good looks. We use premium materials including titanium, carbon fiber, Damascus, and S35VN steel to create knives that are the ultimate expression of your personal style.

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Ideal Form & Function

We believe that excellence in performance begins with expertise in design. We are proud to work with custom knifemakers and bring their designs to life under the highest quality standards possible. Every single knife we produce is a testament to their passion for knife design.
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Ocaso - Seize the Day

Ocaso - Seize the Day


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